Backend for White Label Card (WLC) Infrastructure for WLC

Project Description

The Backend for WLC is an old legacy project written in PHP which was taken over by IT Sonix. It was transformed into the current product it is today and can be scaled in an AWS Cloud on multiple docker instances.

Project Details

  • Maintaining of legacy backend code, including bug fixing, minor improvments and new business logic features
  • Development of REST interface between frontend and backend
  • Development of demo mode which mimics backend behavior for the frontend

Project Skills

PHP Java (very basic) Docker Jenkins Git / Bitbucket Agile Development (SCRUM with Jira) Express (nodejs) Performance Tests Automated Tests

About the White Label Card

The white label program of XPAY, offers an extensively configurable prepaid card system to use as a customer-loyalty and marketing tool or as a revenue-oriented product. It allows a new prepaid card program to be set up quickly and easily within just a few weeks – and therefore much faster than the industry norm.


XPAY acts for its customers as a co-brander as part of the Mastercard® issuer licence model, making it not only a distributor for prepaid cards, but also the first point of contact for questions about the respective product.

Wirecard Card Services Ltd., as the card-issuing bank, is always the direct contractual partner for the end customer.

The XPAY GROUP combines all the specialised areas necessary for implementing prepaid card programmes under one roof, enabling us to take care of all regulatory issues and tasks for you, to manage full development of your card, and to even take care of the product development if necessary. In order to comply with all national and international regulations, the XPAY GROUP is structured into several companies.