I'm more than the average software developer.
Besides knowing many programming languages I also do server administrating / infrastructure tasks.
I can easily switch between device / application development and web development.
I can work parallel on multiple projects at the same time without loosing track,
thanks to my great project & team management skills and experience with Atlassian Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket.

Personal Strengths

I know a wide range of common used programming language to develop anything from simple website, automation script on a server or a complex desktop application.

I'm a fast learner and can evaluate / prototype new technology easily. Proven by many projects.

I'm very flexible and can work on different projects with different programming languages parallel.

If I don't know the answer, I research the issue, find it's answer and implement it as best as I can.

Skill List

Application Development

C++ Qt5 Design Patterns Project Management (Jira) Documentation (Confluence)

Version Control (Git / Stash)

Agile Development (Jira Scrum) Agile Development (Jira Kanban) Automation


Game Programming:

Unity C# Team Management Project Management Video Editing (Blender)

Presentation Documentation Math UI Networking Project Management


Web Development

JavaScript / jQuery Design HTML5 Node.js Websockets SCSS Grunt Mobile First

SEO Version Control (Git / Stash) PHP5 (laravel) Agile Kanban Project Management (Jira)

Mobile First Legal

Optimization Team Collaboration Drupal 7 / 8 SCSS / Compass Mobile friendly

Administrating Schooling

Angular Typescript Team collaboration


Game Modding

Modding (3D / 2D / FX) Testing / Feedback Planning Scripting (AngleScript / GameScript)

Gameplay Design

Mapping (Radiant) Gameplay Design Concept & Story Effects Texturing (Photoshop)