My name is Alexander 'Delta' Diller and this is my personal website.

24 Years old Employed Software Developer Leipzig, Sachsen, Germany

Software Engineer @ IT Sonix custom development GmbH 
Lead Programmer, Web Developer & Server Admin @ UGX-Mods


Application Development

I enjoy programming in C++. I moved from wxWidgets to Qt in 2015 and discovered how amazing Qt 5 ist. Since then I use it for all my projects to create feature rich applications.

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Web Development

My career as a software developer started as a web coder / designer. I fell in love in my early years when I could write a few line and craft something for millions of people.

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Server Administrating

Network is an important part for developers. Nowadays almost everything communicates with the world. That's why it's very useful to setup & administer servers.

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Game Programming

Creating games was a dream when I was young. With my programming knowledge I can create any game logic I want and hopefully I can work on some amazing projects in the future.

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Team Management

I have a wide range of experience in project & team management. During university and projects I usually always took a leading position. I'm also very familiar with Atlassian Jira, Confluence, Stash and Bamboo.

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Game Modding

My first touch with creating games was modding. It's very easy to craft new user generated content with an existing game engine + assets. I therefore worked on a couple of projects before I decided that I want to do more and bigger things.

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Tool Development

Developing of tools and integrations / addons in various programming languages.

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Is a non-profit modding team for Call of Duty.
We deliver helpful tools and documentation. Various applications to improve modding and many products and services for players.

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You can find out more about my person below - be sure to check out my projects as well =)

About Me

  • I'm a nice & funny guy (A day without a smile is a wasted day)
  • I'm in a happy relationship with my girlfriend =)
  • I try to live healthy - I regularly go to the gym or go out for a jog (especially on winter days in a forest)
  • I love cooking
  • I always try to help / support people - you never learn out and find out new things
  • I enjoy listening to Electro, House, Drumm & Bass, Electro Dance Music, Techno, - well anything with a good beat / lyrics.
  • Apparently I always want to give at least 110%, which is really hard if you have multiple stuff going on...
  • I listen to and want critique - I think there is always some space for improvements and I'm thankfully for any insights.
  • I used to play many soothers (CounterStrike, Battlefield, Call of Duty) and more tactical games (Rainbow 6, ArmA, SWAT4)
    • At the moment I really enjoy Squad, the community is just awesome and I haven't had that much fun since Call of Duty 4 & ArmA 2
    • I also love RimWorld or some old classics like C&C3 and Empire Earth
  • I love to drive on the Autobahn if the weather is nice. (I was told that this is typical German - lol)
  • I love to do programming (shocking! - I know...) - Let it be a great game or an application.
    • Solving problems is what makes programming so interesting and every day is a new challenge waiting for you!
  • I enjoy to work in a team. It's just great to share - and even better learn new technology, methods and problem solving.

There is much more - simply get in contact with me if you want to know more about myself, my projects or whatever!