UGX Versioning Development Helper: Versioning & Deployment Tool

Project Status

Released (Internal Usage Only)

Project Description

UGX Versioning allows easy versioning for applications.
It updates build counter and date, checks revision and creates release builds.
Furthermore it verifies and deploys the release archive.

Project Details

  • Internal Application
  • Planning and developing of application
  • Deployment & Versioning Tool

Project Skills

C++ Qt5 Version Control (Git) Agile Development (Jira Kanban) Automation


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C++ and Qt 5

UGX Versioning is written in C++ with Qt 5.

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Easy Configuration

Configuration Manager for project creation (+ VS Project tweaking), task configuration (7z, Copy, Remove, Rename, Delete), variable support.

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Deployment Help

Packaging, Verification, Hashing & Deployment to Server - all automated.

Thanks to UGX Versioning, releases / deployments of applications are faster, automated and fail safe.