UGX UGC Packer Application for UGC Creators

Project Status

In Active Development (Internal Dev)

Project Description

A handy application for user generated content creators to create a release package of their content for UGX Play / UGX Launcher.

Project Details

  • Application for UGC Creators
  • Planning and developing of application
  • Deployment & Versioning Tool

Project Skills

C++ Qt5 Project Management (Jira) Documentation (Confluence) Version Control (Git / Stash) Agile Development (Jira Kanban)


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C++ and Qt 5

UGX UGC Packer is written in C++ with Qt 5.

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Easy Process

Select game, UGC folder and give it a name.
The application does verify the user input, the UGC content and does create the release package then.

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Easy Release

Update of version & file list change, check for common mistakes and easy to follow instructions.

UGC UGC Packer is currently in internal development and will be released together with the public version of UGX Play in 2017